Best Infinicore Alternatives for Powerlike Groups - Top 3 2019

Infinicore is down and out for the count!

Don’t worry about a thing, I have got your back and will list three of the best alternatives right now.

Some time in early February the notorious Infinicore Facebook group was deleted.

The deletion was most likely due to Facebook not being very happy with Infinicore.

Facebook owns Instagram, and hence does not entertain any groups that go against the platform’s terms and conditions.

Infinicore released an official statement on their Telegram group on the 3rd of February.

The statement hints at a new platform that will take Infinicore’s place in the future, presumably with a different name.

So, for most powerlike group users there is only one simple question…

“WTF do we use now?”

Below is a list of bots that are similar to Infinicore that you can use TODAY to get your powerlike fix along with their benefits and disadvantages


1. IG mass likes (NEW)

Ig mass likes is a new service that can generate up to 1000 likes on your posts. Powerlikes after the June 2019 Instagram update powerlikes are now harder to come by than ever. This service allows you to increase the socialproof of your posts by generating extra engagement via an automated pod. Unlike past powerlike services such as Fuelgram or Infinicore, this service does not require you to login with your username or password. The service doesn’t use your account for engagements which is a big bonus.

Watch the video below to learn more about the powerlike service.

This is a powerlike service that is eerily similar to Infinicore even from its user interface. Take a look below:

SNT BOT Is network is also smaller than that of Infinicore. I have found that the accounts within SNT Bot tend to be of higher quality than those found in Infinicore due to the bot being new.

SNT Bot works much the same way as Infinicore – you can set a receiver account and a giver account within the platform. The bot does SLEEP for a few hours during the day, which is something that Infinicore did not do. I advise you check the hours and avoid posting during as you will not receive your likes!

This is a Telegram-based bot that is FREE and requires you to input your username and password before being screened. The bot accepts only accounts that meet the average like requirements.

Once you’re in the bot allows you to choose a giver and receiver account. This bot does not have a network as big as Fuelgram, however, is still an effective free alternative if you are able to log in.

I personally had some problems with email verifications before being able to plug in my own account.

You can access the bot HERE.


Want to take your Instagram engagement to the next level? Now we have the engagement group situation fixed there is only one more thing you need. That’s the ‘Mother Slave Method’ many top influencers are currently using to get INSANE results. Check out the proof below and see for yourself!


You must understand that these powerlike groups are against Instagram’s terms and conditions. It is entirely possible that your account can be deleted for engaging in such activity. You should use these services at your own discretion! I personally would NEVER plug in an account that I care about into one of these bots. This article also contains affiliate links for some of these services.

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