What is the ideal amount of posts that one should make on Instagram? Is it one post per week, or maybe 15 posts per day?

The answer, like most things in life, depends on many variables.

Instagram is a platform that is quite different from YouTube or Google in the sense that it values new content at a far higher degree than old content. When you upload on Instagram, your post will have a one-week lifespan at the most. It’s very rare to see a post that is over a week old gaining exposure on the explore page.

It is far easier and quicker to post on Instagram than it is to make a YouTube video or a blog post, so the platform has no shortage of new content to promote.

Posting more frequently is generally a good thing, because it’s the best way for you to stay relevant on a platform that is perpetually changing.

Instagram is an engagement machine – it wants its users to consume as much content as possible. Creators that can suck out as many hours as humanly possible from their followers are rewarded tremendously.

Growing on Instagram is largely dependent on viral posts that are pimped on the explore page. These posts are the ones that generate the largest number of followers in the shortest amount of time.

Going viral is a mixture of doing the right things with a hint of probability. The more frequently you post, the higher your chances become.

If you start posting more frequently whilst diminishing your quality, your audience will notice. Your followers will not engage with your posts. This is a big red flag for Instagram and it will be forced to pull the plug on your candy ass.

Instagram rewards good engagement whilst punishing bad engagement. Remember they have ample content that they could share, they do not need to promote your garbage.

As you can see, the number of posts you should be making does not have a simple solution.

Keep in mind that you need to factor in your energy levels; are you creating original content or are you reposting?

Imagine that you make original infographics that require hours of research and editing. You simply could not post more than three times a day doing this. How about if you are reposting cat videos? You could post nine cats every day quite easily.

You need to factor in your energy levels and choose a realistic output to which you can commit.

So how do you determine the number of posts you should be doing per week?

Here is the process. Increase the number of posts you make on your profile by one a day (you really should be posting at least once a day) per week. So, the first week you might post two times a day, and the third week three times a day.

Stop increasing the number when one of two things happen:

  • You can’t realistically dedicate any more energy to posting content on Instagram.
  • Your engagement goes down compared to the previous week.

This experiment will give you a good idea for the optimal amount of posts you should be making.

There are many people that have found success on Instagram posting once a day, and many others that have found success posting up to fifteen times a day. It depends on your audience and your energy levels.

Let’s assume your audience is loving your frequent posting but you can’t seem to keep up with the demand. I have two solutions for you:

You can dedicate a day in which you make your posts in bulk and then schedule them using a scheduling app, or you could hire a virtual assistant (VA) to create posts for you. Many of the biggest accounts on Instagram have teams dedicated to their content creation.

It is now becoming much easier to find people who are willing to do work for you. If you have a certain way that you create your posts, you can teach your VA and then outsource some of your content creation.

Due to conversion rates between countries, certain assistants are highly affordable and can create high quality posts for you. I will have a full guide on this in the future.

If you are serious about your growth on the platform, I suggest you invest in one of these alternatives. Keep in mind, your problem is a good one to have!

If your audience is no longer enjoying your content, you should immediately stop and dial it down a bit. People love value, so if your content is not performing, you need to work on it. There is no point in taking shortcuts on Instagram. Each post should be a brick that is helping you build an empire.

Yes, some posts lose heat and no longer get promoted, just as some bricks in your house can’t be seen. It doesn’t make them any less important. Employ this mindset and you will go very far.

Isaac Tinashe

Hi, I am Tinashe and I started delving into entrepreneurship in 2015. It started with YouTube, and I was drawn to having my own business even more as time passed. I am now the proud owner of digital marketing agency The Insta Hustle. My team and I work with clients ranging from dentists to real estate moguls and public figures. The world is changing and if you don't keep up you'll be left behind. Let me show you what is possible with digital marketing.