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Finding viral posts on Instagram is an incredibly important aspect of every serious brand’s content research process. Unfortunately, you are bombarded with millions of posts on the platform, so this can become a difficult task. Luckily for you we have scoured the web and found the best Instagram viral post finder tool. The tool is called ViralSpy and we will weigh it up against other tools on the market.

Why Finding Viral Posts on Instagram Is Important

Finding viral posts on Instagram is important because it allows you to see the kind of content that is trending on the platform, together with the posts that have worked well in the past. Thanks to this tool, the data you will have at your disposal means there is no need for guesswork.

Success on Instagram is not about re-inventing the wheel. It’s about studying what works in your niche and putting your own twist on it. When you take a more scientific approach and re-engineer what is already working you will gain much more success on the platform.  

The Slow Way of Finding Viral Posts on Instagram

Before the use of software to find viral content on Instagram you would have to search your explore feed or browse a target account’s feed. The explore method would take hours due to the explore feed being customized for each individual. Many times the posts which appear on your explore feed are not viral posts. Instead they are posts Instagram assumes you would be interested in based on your user behaviour. The feed method was effective for some time until Instagram started hiding likes/views and other important metrics from posts. This made finding viral posts excruciatingly difficult as now users had to go off the number of comments rather than the number of likes. That’s a less effective metric as users favour likes over comments on the platform. Fortunately for Instagram marketers and influencers an alternative method is now available.

What is ViralSpy ?

ViralSpy is an online-based software that allows you to find hundreds of viral posts in a matter of seconds. The software is simple and intuitive yet incredibly powerful. You can find viral posts based on usernames, hashtags and locations. Filtering through various types of posts (photos, videos and albums) and organizing them from the top 50, 300, 1000 and 3000 posts can all be done with a few clicks. With the tool you can inspect how viral a post is based on likes, comments, video views and engagement. The range supplied by the tool assists in guiding you through deep content research on any niche, helping you prepare for success and viral posts of your own.

How to Find Viral Posts with Viralspy

  1. Choose what type of search you want to do (for content marketing research we generally choose the username preference).
  2. Choose your search depth by selecting an option with the drop-down menu. We find analysing the top 50 or 300 is enough in most cases.
  3. Apply filters to further refine your search if necessary.
  4. Press ‘Go’ to analyse each post manually in the grid or choose to download the viral posts into a ZIP folder.

Analysing the data

Upon using the search function, ViralSpy will supply you with an analysis for the page, hashtag or location used in the search query. This information provides useful insights such as average likes and comments as well as max likes and comments for the search. It also provides other helpful data such as the hashtags and mentions frequently used by the page. This feature alone can replace many of your Instagram analysis tools.

The grid allows you to see the top posts from the page – starting with the most viral – based on your search specifications. From the grid you see the current data from posts, and you are also given three options: copy the link, download the post, or click the thumbnail for a larger version.

You won’t ever have to worry about losing data as ViralSpy remembers your searches as well as the day you ran them. You can easily return to your content marketing research with no worry.

A Comparison with Other Viral Post Finder Tools




Try It for Free!

ViralSpy has 3 different packages depending on your goals. You can try the software for free here to see if it is a good fit for your business. We have found the tool to be incredibly affordable, and we especially love the unlimited searches every month offered by the agency package. This tool is invaluable for anyone who is serious about growing on Instagram.

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