Instagram mass story voting vs mass story viewer

Instagram mass story viewers have quickly become the biggest growth hack to emerge from the platform since the June 2019 algorithm update apocalypse.

It’s no secret automation tools are fast becoming more difficult to use as Instagram’s algorithm becomes more sophisticated with each update. In the wake of these updates came mass story viewing which unleashed a new method of growth.

The successor of mass story viewing is Hypervote – a service which allows you to gain more followers and engagement through voting on other people’s stories. Below is an honest review of the service.

What is Instagram mass story voting?

Hypervote is an automated service that plugs your Instagram account into a cloud-based bot which engages with other users on your behalf.

The service allows you to vote on thousands of people’s story polls and to respond to their questions increasing your chances of getting followers.

How is mass story voting different from mass viewing?

Mass story viewers require you to view hundreds of thousands of stories in order to get followers.

The number of actions needed to get the same results whilst using Hypervote is reduced drastically when compared to most story viewing services.

This is due to poll voting being considered a more significant action than the standard story view by most Instagram users. It’s similar to how following a user is more likely to get a follow back than simply liking a user’s post. Following someone is more meaningful. Hypervote has both story viewing and voting capabilities.

Mass story voter results

We experimented with mass story voting and were able to get between 50 to 150 new followers a day from the service.

Many other people have reported gaining 300+ followers a day, however we cannot comment on the authenticity of their results. Success from using such a service largely depends on your niche, the quality of your content, as well as the number of actions you are doing per day.

In order to get the best results you need to ensure your content is worthy of a follow. There are no magic pills! All services should be used only as a supplement for growth and not as the foundation.

Mass story voting

How to use Instagram mass story voting for best results

Below we outline the steps we used in order to get the best results from the service.

Step One: Logging in to the Service

Log your account into the service. The service uses its own proxies, but if you want to be on the safer side and use your own proxy you can enter it in the field.

The service will need your username and password.

Note: You might be asked to enter a code that will be sent to the email account associated with your Instagram account. This is normal.

Step Two: Likes vs Followers

Click on the Massvoting icon and select to target based on followers and not post likes. We found this allows you to gain more targeted followers.

Step Three: Choosing Your Target Accounts

Use the search function to choose your target accounts. We suggest choosing accounts with more than 1 million followers so you can have a large enough audience.

The accounts you choose should be niche specific to ensure the best quality followers. The example shown below would be appropriate for the entrepreneur/make-money-online niche. Think about your target audience and who they would be following.

Take your time as this is the most important step; the more accurate you are here, the better your results will be.

Step Four: Best Settings For Mass Story Voting

There are 4 options for the service: poll votes, question & answers, slider points and quiz answers.

We used the poll votes, slider points and quiz answers as they were the least invasive.

Answering questions can be done with emojis, however you will likely receive lots of angry DMs as many people have been overusing the feature. The other three options will work just fine for attracting followers.

Use the settings below to get started. The poll answer is best left at random. We did not use the logging in and logging out feature, however some people have benefited from it when they frequently received ‘account compromised’ messages from Instagram.

We suggest starting with 50,000 for your story parsing speed and incrementally increasing until you reach 200,000. We added 10,000 stories a day during our experiment. Some people are able to achieve 400,000 stories a day, but we did not test the tool at its maximum capacity.

The tool was also paused every day for safety reasons so that the account was not always active.

Is mass story voting on Instagram safe?

Instagram mass story voting is clearly against Instagram’s guidelines and hence will never guarantee the safety of your account.

When using automated tools you need to be willing to face the reality that your account might get disabled. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to recover a disabled account if it’s your first offence. Instagram likely knows what you are doing when you use tools such as this, however, many people have been using this service and growing their accounts for months.

We suspect that Instagram is turning a blind eye to mass story viewers and voting for the time being. The likelihood of your account being banned largely depends on your trust score. If you are doing an array of spammy activities you will likely get banned. For this service we do not suggest using an account you are not prepared to lose.

Free Instagram mass story viewer and voter

You can try Hypervote for yourself here Free for 2 days (affiliate link). Test the service and see if it will be useful for your Instagram journey.

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