Instagram Mass Story Viewer Breakdown: Why Mass Story Viewing Will KILL Your Account

Recently there has been an influx of services that promise Instagram growth via mass story views.

Most of these services (which shall remain unnamed) are Russian and have recently gained huge popularity after seemingly taking advantage of a loophole within Instagram’s algorithm.

The loophole being that Instagram does not currently limit the number of stories a user can view (more on this later).

How mass story viewers work

To gain followers with these services you must first forfeit your username and password to a bot. The bot then allows you to choose source accounts from which to scrape users. A makeup artist using such a bot might choose to scrape followers from @kyliecosmetics, an entrepreneur might choose @timferriss; the goal is to choose niche specific targets in order to increase follow back ratios.

Some people on the platform like to check their story viewers list after posting. When they see a name they don’t recognize they visit the intruder’s profile. This method allows profile exposure through mass story viewing services, which ultimately leads to new followers.

Most Instagram users do not follow people this way. Under normal conditions this not an efficient method of gaining followers, however, things change when dealing with big numbers.

The 10,000,000 mass story viewer promise

Many of these services promise the ability to view up to 10,000,000 stories per day. I have not seen this insane number achieved yet, however; many people have reported getting up to 3,000,000 story views per day.

When dealing with big numbers like this it’s very easy for one to get 200, 300, and even 1000 followers per day.

Even if your profile is lousy, and even if your content consists of microwaved food, you will still gain a significant number of followers using this method.

Do mass story viewers take advantage of a Instagram loophole?

Nope, they don’t.

Many falsely assume that Instagram is unaware of the number of stories that people are viewing and will not punish them for it.

As the saying goes,

“History repeats itself.”

Some years ago, it was not uncommon for users to follow/unfollow thousands of new people every day. You could get away with this without risking your account being banned, because automation was not a real issue on Instagram.

In many cases, automation is welcomed during the early stages of a new platform, as inflated numbers look good for investors. Social proof is a real thing and is a huge mover for a social platform’s overall popularity.

Would you go on Instagram if only your auntie and mum were on there?

At some point Instagram grew big enough to start quarantining automation as spam became a real issue and more money was at play.

We then started seeing more limits and restrictions being applied to actions performed as a way to clean out the platform in order to attract advertisers.

As of July 2019, most people are now able to follow only up to 200 people a day without causing any red flags.

So in regard to mass story viewing, Instagram can detect that people are using these sketchy services. However, it has not become a big enough issue to deal with them as harshly as they did follow limits.

Be that as it may, mass story viewers are a ticking time bomb.

The numbers don't add up with mass story viewer

Imagine if only 1000 people started using mass story viewing services and let’s assume each person was averaging 1,000,000 stories per day.  In one day 1,000,000,000 (that’s a Billi) stories will be viewed through these bots. 

It will not take long for Instagram to notice the API calls used by these bots. Instagram is a pattern-recognition machine; its algorithm uses machine learning to make better decision based on iterations. If a pattern keeps occurring, the algorithm will eventually patch it.

Every account plugged into mass story viewer bots is easily detected. There is nothing normal or human-like about having 1,000,000 daily actions on your account. 

It's a trust issue with mass story viewing

Instagram accounts have a trust score.

The more human the account seems the higher the trust score will be.

Instagram is owned by Facebook – the juggernaut of data collection.

They allow you to see posts you have liked, username changes over the years, and even how much time you spend on the app.

If they allow you to see this information, you can only imagine what they track for themselves!

It takes only one algorithm update for Instagram to punish or ban accounts that previously violated their terms and conditions.

It takes one update for all your good work to be undone.

My advice for people who want to grow via mass story viewing services is to be prepared to lose your account. For people who do client management on Instagram, be prepared to lose your clients’ accounts.

You have been warned.

Better alternatives to mass story viewers

If you are looking to grow your account whilst keeping it safe, I suggest you look into Instagram story ads or the explosive Mother Slave Method.

Both these methods are a smarter solution than mass story viewing. Both strategies do not require you to give your password to a foreign site. Growth by ads is the method most appreciated by Instagram for obvious reasons. However, Mother Slave when executed properly can be one of the most insane growth methods available. If you don’t know what the mother slave method is, you must READ THIS.

The final verdict is a NO to mass story viewer services as a means for authentic Instagram growth. Do not lose an account you have worked on for years over a gimmick that will be short lived.

UPDATE: A Mass Story Viewing Service that's safe for now...

Over the past few months my predictions were true and many accounts have been banned through using sketchy foreign mass story viewing services. Up until now I have not recommended any of these services. However, a range of new providers have emerged from the US using safer and more discreet strategies. The best of these services from various reviews is IG MASS VIEWING. If you insist on growing via story views I highly suggest you use this service but remember that there is always a risk when going against Instagram’s guidelines.

Isaac Tinashe

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