“Email marketing is dead”

Is a statement that is becoming much more commonplace.

It’s a shame as well, because it’s a statement that’s completely wrong.

Email is not dead, far from it.

Just because everyone is talking about Shopify stores and drop-shipping doesn’t mean that email is dead.

Many people, including me, have made the mistake of not growing an email list early enough.

Often due to believing that their Instagram following or YouTube subscribers will suffice.

There is one big problem with this thinking, and that is it fails to recognize that you do not OWN any of your subscribers on these social media.

At any moment these platforms could tweak their algorithm and your reach and income will go out the window.

On my main YouTube channel, I am always experiencing growth and decline, which ultimately affect my reach and earnings directly. It doesn’t matter how good your content is, if the algorithm is playing up, game over!

How about Instagram and Facebook? The same thing goes. Your fate is in the hands of the liege lords who alter and tinker with the algorithm.

One day you are a King making a killing online and getting awesome reach, the next day a simple peasant with 5 likes on your post.

It’s a Shakespearean tragedy that I have seen happen to many solopreneurs. They spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars building their Facebook pages to 500,000+ likes, only to receive 200 likes per post.

Then there is email…

Your email list is YOUR asset.

It can’t be tinkered with overnight like most of the social media out there.

It provides a channel for one-on-one communication with your customers that is far more intimate than that seen on social media platforms.

Reason being, when someone is reading your email their attention is 100% on you. It is far more personal because you are entering their mailbox, where only a select few other senders have been granted access.

While on YouTube they can get distracted by the multitude of cat videos and WorldStarHipHop compilations. How about Instagram? That’s even worse with the never-ending supply of booty models!

With email it’s pretty much you and their boss, but if you’re providing good content, they will choose you.

Here is another thing to think about.

When you go out shopping and buy new clothes, the cashier will often ask you,

“Have you shopped with us before?”

If you say no, they will go on to ask for your email.

The reason they do this is so they can follow up with you and spam your inbox with discounts and special offers. They know that most people are too lazy to unsubscribe, and that there is a good chance you might open one of those emails and see something you like.

If done effectively, they can have you as a customer for life! That’s the power of email.

Now I am not saying to stop posting your content on social media. Keep doing that, because that’s good shit, my friend! I am just reminding you not to forget about growing your email list.

The money is in the LIST!

Email list growth and Instagram

Before you make an Instagram account, the first thought you should be entertaining is:

“How am I going to get people on my list?”

Smart Instagram entrepreneurs understand that most of their money is not made on the platform, far from it! Most of their money is made within the realms of emails on the backend. Instagram is primarily a means to drive traffic!

Instagram provides an amazing opportunity for you to grow your list to a massive size with very little overhead. If you know how to grow on the platform and leverage viral posts you will be incredibly successful at growing your list.

It is often said that you can expect to make around 1 dollar per email on your list per month with proper email marketing. Using Instagram, you could easily grow your list to over 10,000 within a year. Those numbers sound nice, don’t they? They can become a reality if you begin growing a list NOW!

I will be writing a full email marketing guide soon, explaining exactly how you can get started and which services to use. Stay tuned.

Isaac Tinashe

Hi, I am Tinashe and I started delving into entrepreneurship in 2015. It started with YouTube, and I was drawn to having my own business even more as time passed. I am now the proud owner of digital marketing agency The Insta Hustle. My team and I work with clients ranging from dentists to real estate moguls and public figures. The world is changing and if you don't keep up you'll be left behind. Let me show you what is possible with digital marketing.